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Status and development prospects of UV technology in the printing industry

With the idea of low carbon and green environmental protection becoming more and more deeply in people's lives, the chemical industry, which has been criticized by people for environmental protection, is also actively self-adjusting. In this tide of transformation, UV curing technology as an environmental protection The new technology also ushered in a historic opportunity for development.
    In the 1960s, Germany first introduced UV coatings for wood coatings. Since then, UV curing technology has gradually expanded from a single substrate of wood to paper, various plastics, metals, stone, and even cement products. Coating applications for fabric, leather and other substrates. The appearance of processed products has also developed from the original high-gloss type to matt-type, pearl-type, bronzing, and texture-type to meet different needs.
    UV curing technology uses ultraviolet light (UV) or electron beam as the energy source to trigger a chemically active liquid formula to achieve a rapid reaction curing process on the substrate surface. Because the ingredients in its formula all participate in the curing reaction, no volatile harmful substances are discharged into the atmosphere, so its low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and VOC-free technical advantages have attracted the attention of countries around the world. China has been performing UV curing since the 1970s. The research and application of technology gained rapid development in the 1990s. According to relevant statistical data, the output of UV curing coatings (UV coatings) in China is about 200,000 tons, and the output value is about 8.3 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7% over 2007. The product line involves bamboo and wood coatings, paper coatings, PVC coatings, and plastic coatings. Motorcycle coatings, home appliance coatings (3C coatings), metal coatings, mobile phone coatings, disc coatings, stone coatings, architectural coatings, etc. UV ink produced a total of about 20,000 tons in 2008 and successfully penetrated into the fields of high-contamination solvent-based inks, such as offset printing, gravure printing, embossing printing, silk printing, and flexo printing.
    Although UV curing technology has excellent technical advantages, more and more manufacturers in China have begun to switch to the development of UV curing technology. However, according to the observation of China UV curing network, the marketing level of UV companies is still very large compared to traditional solvent-based companies. difference. We can often see some marketing strategies of traditional coatings and ink companies from TV, Internet, newspapers and other media, but few companies in the UV curing field have such ideas and skills, which is undoubtedly not conducive to the rapid and healthy industry. moving forward.
    The common online marketing methods of chemical companies include the following: search engine promotion, B2B platform promotion (including industry-wide platforms and professional platforms), and professional technology forum promotion. What are the shortcomings of companies in the field of UV curing in online marketing? First of all, many companies do not yet have their own websites. Websites are the basis of online marketing. What about online marketing without a website? Secondly, only focus on the entire industry B2B platform Publicity, ignoring the huge role of professional B2B platforms, UV curing technology as an emerging, segmented field, professional B2B websites must have their natural platform advantages, because it is not well known to people outside the industry, so a Website platforms that can gather companies and technical talents in the industry have become the first choice for people to find information and exchange technologies. This is not the breadth, accuracy, and depth of the industry's B2B platforms. Third, UV curing technology has a short history of development in the country and is highly technical. It will inevitably attract more engineers to exchange and discuss in an engineer gathering place such as UV curing forum. This should also be a good place for companies to do technical marketing. Platform, but unfortunately, companies in the field of UV curing have not discovered and used these channels, but have always been keen on the traditional exhibition mode. Although the effect is not good, they do not know how to change it.
    We can often see such questions, where are the UV adhesives with good adhesion and high hardness, and where are the UV resins that are resistant to boiling? These and other questions are a clear illustration of the lack of UV companies in online promotion, but also from another level Prove the huge influence of professional technology platform on the industry.